Al Jazeera: Amman investigates the bombing of an Israeli convoy

Jordanian bomb squad members inspect the site where a bomb targeted a convoy of cars from the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

Jordan declined to comment on reports that a “terrorist” group was behind the bombing that targeted two diplomatic vehicle belonging to the Israeli embassy that were leaving Amman on Thursday.

Nabil al-Sharif, the Minister of Media and Communications Affairs said that his government will announce the results of the investigations when they are finished, refusing to disclose any other details related to the explosion or the type of explosives used in it.

Earlier, Nabil had explained in a report that an IED exploded along the side of the road which led to a depression (in the road) near Na’ur as some civilian vehicles passed, including the two Israeli diplomatic vehicles. He added that the attack didn’t result in any damage or injuries.

Targeting the Ambassador

al-Jazeera correspondents in Amman said that the Israeli Ambassador’s car was targeted in the attack that occurred as it was crossing the al-Malik Husayn bridge.

Yasir Abu Halaal clarified that the Israeli Ambassador travels amongst extreme security measures by the Jordanian side and the the ambassador’s car is armored.

On it’s side, a spokeswoman for the Israeli Embassy, Mirav Hursanbi, said that Jordan opened up an investigation into the incident. The Israeli TV station, Channel 2, said that the two cars were on their way from the embassy in Amman back to Israel, but that the ambassador, Dani Nevo wasn’t amongst their riders.

The channel added that the passengers were “Diplomats and personal guards,” indicating that the convoy continued it’s trip and one of the two cars received light damages.

Eyewitnesses said that security measures were intensified around the (Israeli) embassy and the Ambassador’s residence, after the attack that was the first on an Israeli target (in Jordan) in a number of years.