BBC: Saudi Arabia: A fatwa forbidding membership in al-Qa’ida

al-Qa'ida is fleeing Saudi Arabia, however, it's continuing its activities in neighboring Yemen.

An advisor to Saudi’s royal court, Shaykh ‘Abd al-Muhsin al-‘Abaykan, issued a fatwa forbidding membership in the al-Qa’ida organization, according to the ‘Akadh newspaper on Tuesday.

The newspaper added that al-‘Abaykan, who is one of the most prominent Saudi religious figures, issued a fatwa, “forbidding membership into what is called the terrorist organization al-Qa’ida.”

The newspaper quoted al-‘Abaykan as saying, “He that joins this group joins a group that is outside of the (Islamic) body of believers, and that embraces an apostate ideology outside of (Islamic) religious law. As such, membership in this organization is forbidden.

Despite that fact that al-Qa’ida in Saudi Arabic has been retreating, neighboring Yemen has been seeing an increase of activities from the organization “Qa’ida al-Jihad fi Jazira al-‘Arab(The base for Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula)” that according to observers is a result of the merging of the Saudi and Yemeni branches of al-Qa’ida.

The new entity includes a number of Saudis within it’s leadership and followers.

The new organization took responsibility for the failed attack against the American airplane between Amsterdam and Detroit on Christmas day.

The Saudi government recently announced that it is going to hold a conference regarding al-Takfir(apostasy), with the goal of exposing the invalidity of this ideology with convincing evidence.

Notes: “Takfir” or “apostasy” is an interpretation of Islamic doctrine that drives many Sunni terrorist groups such as al-Qa’ida. For more information, see here: