Al Jazeera: 10 al-Huthis killed at the hands of tribes

Fighters from tribes loyal to the Yemeni government

The Yemeni Ministry of Interior said that fighters belonging to tribes loyal to the Yemeni government killed ten al-Huthis in one of the clashes in the al-Jawf area of northern Yemen.

The source added that men from the Shawlan tribe killed the ten al-Huthis when they tried to take up positions in some of the residences in one of the northern towns.

It should be noted that some sources recently reported that the Yemeni Army has closed in on the last al-Huthi sanctuaries (in the area), some of which faced heavy aerial bombardment by the Saudi Air Force.

Prince Khalid Bin Sultan, Saudi Assistant Minister of Defense, already confirmed in the past few days that his country’s forces killed hundreds of the al-Huthi group’s armed fighters in clashes which afterwards enabled Saudi forces to take control of an important position in the al-Jabri region near Saudi Arabia’s borders with Yemen.

Calls for talks

Once again, Iran and the Sultanate of Oman have called for the Yemeni authorities to begin holding talks to put an end to the conflict with the al-Huthi insurgents in the northern parts of the country.

After discussions with his Omani counterpart, Yusif Bin ‘Alawi, the Iranian Foreign Minister Minushar Muttaki said, “We emphasized the need to build a solution to end the crisis, because if it continues it won’t bring about a lack of stability for Yemen alone, but will affect the entire region.”

Likewise, the Omani Minister emphasized that his country was ready to support the Yemeni government in and way possible in the interest of finding a solution to calm security fears in (Yemen).

Yemen had accused the Iranian religious leaders of supporting the al-Huthis, and whereas Iranian media outlets had attacked The King of Saudi Arabia for entering the war against the al-Huthi last November.



Al Jazeera: News Summary, 14 January, 2010

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(00:11) Greetings.

(00:12) The American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, expects the number of victims from the earthquake in Haiti will be extremely high, similar to the aftermath of the tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean in 2004, killing 230,000 people. Clinton’s statements came a few hours after the Haitian President expressed his fear that the number killed in the earthquake that struck his country could be in the hundreds of thousands.

(00:41) Qatar has announced that it’s sending humanitarian aid to Haiti. An airplane took off from Doha International Airport transporting medicine, medical and first-aid supplies, as well as food supplies.

(00:53) The Afghan Police said that 15 civilians and a police officer were killed by an explosion in an overcrowded market in the Rosghan region, south of Kabul.

(01:07) An al-Jazeera correspondent in Islamabad relates from a military source that 18 people were killed and 14 others injured by UAV drone strike on a gathering in Waziristan believed to have been carried out by American (forces). It is not clear yet whether or not the Taliban leader in Pakistan, Hakim Allah Mahsud, was killed or injured in (the strike), or if he escaped the area before the attack.

(01:35) Thousands of Iranians participated in the funeral of the nuclear scientist, Mas’ud ‘Ali al-Muhammadi, who was assassinated last Tuesday by a bomb hidden in a motorcycle near his residence in northern Tehran.

(01:51) Religious scholars in Yemen have established a call to jihad in the event the country is subjected to what they describe as an aggressor or invasion. They announced their rejection of any security or military interference (in Yemen), as well as the establishment of any (foreign) bases on Yemeni soil or it’s regional waters.

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Al Jazeera: News Summary, 12 January, 2010

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(00:11) Newswoman: Greetings, and welcome to this news summary.

(00:13) An Iranian source for al-Jazeera says that a university professor specializing in nuclear physics named Mas’ud Muhammadi was killed by the detonation of an explosives-laden motorcycle parked near his residence in the northern part of the (Iranian) capital, Tehran. The source explained that Muhammadi worked for what is described as the (1m) of the province. The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that there were indications of (1m) by Washington and Israel in the assassination of Muhammadi.

(00:40) An al-Jazeera reporter stationed in Ankara reports that the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Israeli Ambassador to Turkey as the result of a similar action by Israel. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already summoned the Turkish Ambassador in protest of statements made by the Turkish Prime Minister in which he criticized Israel during a broadcast on a Turkish satellite channel.

(01:04) Local sources say that a website, Mu’, belonging to the current ruling party in Yemen known as the General People’s Congress released a statement saying that around 20 people from the al-Huthi group were killed, and another 25 were arrested in a military operation undertaken by Yemeni counter-terrorism units.

(01:25) At least 14 people were killed and 32 others injured this Tuesday due to ongoing clashes in the northern part of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, between Sunni militias, groups belonging to the Somali government, and fighters from the al-Shabaab al-Mujahidin movement.

(01:43) Major General Qasim al-Musawi, spokesperson for Operation Furd al-Qanun(Law Imposition) in Baghdad, said that the emergency security measures undertaken in the city were done to protect the lives of citizens after information was received about a group of so-called “terrorists” intending to detonate car bombs (in Baghdad).

(02:02) Alistair Campbell, former advisor to Tony Blair, began his (1m) testimony in front of the investigative committee looking into Britain’s involvement with the invasion of Iraq. Campbell is the first big official questioned by the Chilcot committee which is expected to release its final report at the end of the year with the (1m) assessment.

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