Heartbreaking Attack on Two US Airmen in Germany

The New York times is reporting that two US Airmen were killed and another two injured in an attack by a lone gunman at Frankfurt International Airport in Germany.

The suspected gunman, who is in custody, is 21-year-old Kosovar who lives in Frankfurt, according to a city police spokesman, Manfred Füllhardt.

He said that he busload of airmen had just arrived from England and had boarded the bus to go to the American military base at Ramstein, a few dozen miles to the southwest of the Frankfurt Airport.

The suspect argued with some of the airmen before shooting one who was standing in the open door as well as the driver, Mr. Füllhardt said. The suspect was captured by a Hesse state police officer who was at the airport, which typically has heavy security especially following warnings in recent months that Germany would be a terror target.

Key quote at the end:

A man whose office is near the site of the shooting said it was an area where buses load arriving passengers. Speaking on condition of anonymity to protect his business, he said witnesses told him that the gunman first talked to the military personnel to find out who they were and then opened fire, shouting “God is great” in Arabic.

Definitely has the looks of a terrorist attack. RIP.


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  1. The government of the united states have endangered the lives of all of it’s citizens for over years yet they complain more about the price of gas than their own future.

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