When Robert Gibbs says “fluid situation”, you say “heavy armor rolling through Cairo”

Tanks and APCs moving near Tahrir square in downtown Cairo.

If you were worried that the Obama administration wasn’t “monitoring” the “fluid situation” going on in Egypt, then Robert Gibbs’ press conference should have freed you from such worries. Otherwise you were probably quite disappointed in the confused and disoriented responses Gibbs gave to the barrage of (surprisingly decent) questions posed by the White House press corps.

It can get confusing some times.

Meanwhile, heavy armor in the form of tanks and APCs have been moving through downtown Cairo towards numerous strategic locations. I don’t want to spam lots of updates on here but I thought I’d share some great places on the internet to follow these historical events in Egypt.

If you are sitting at your computer, then really the only TV you should be watching is Al-Jazeera English’s (AJE) live stream. Don’t waste your time on CNN/FOX/MSNBC, and don’t be off-put by any negative emotions you may attach to the Al-Jazeera name. AJE broadcasts high-quality, in-depth, grown-up programming that demands your respect.

The UK’s Guardian has been live-blogging the events and has been on the ball all morning and afternoon providing a steady stream of news reports, tweets, and blog posts.

Mother Jones has a nice post up that they’ve been updating since the original protests started on Tuesday. The first part of the post has some interesting background and context for these events. Scroll down to the bottom for the most recent updates.

If you just love to read tweets, the #Egypt and #Jan25 tags are flooded with updates from all over. For a more controlled diet of twitter updates, stick with some of the people like @bencnn, @abuaardvark, @SultanAlQassemi, and @PomedWire.