Nothing says freedom of expression like getting hit with some good old ‘Merican tear gas.

Egyptian protester shows an al-Arabiyah reporter a tear-gas canister marked "Made in USA".

At the same time Hillary Clinton was calling for the Egyptian government to allow its people to protest peacefully, Mubarak’s regime was out tear-gassing the protestors with American-manufactured tear gas courtesy of US Government-facilitated arms sales. It is quite possibly the best symbol of why the Egyptian and wider Arab population have such a love-hate relationship with America. You can’t make up for 30 years of providing substantial military and financial support to an autocratic regime and expect to make up for it with a few pithy press conferences. Whose side do you think the Egyptian protester in the street is going to think we are on when, in the middle of a protest, he leans down and picks up a tear gas canister stamped “Made in the USA”? When it comes to our support for the yearnings of an Egyptian population calling out for change, actions speak louder than words … and in the past our silence has been deafening. Maybe that will start to change?

Speaks for itself.

Brief Summary on American Arms Sales to Egypt