Day 5: Arizona, California!

Gooooooood morning Arizona.

One detail we missed on our late-night drive into Arizona was how beautiful the Arizona mountains are. They would be a constant companion with us as we drove up through Tuscon and Pheonix over to California, and they were quite stunning. On a random sidenote, Willcox, AZ has the most quirky, eclectic, and hip radio station we’ve listened to our whole trip. It was literally the only radio station we could get, so it’s good that it was worth listening to.

I’ll be honest, we didn’t pay much attention to Arizona as we were looking forward to crossing into California too much. It passed by as we listened to quite a few This American Life episodes on NPR, and before we could believe it we were crossing into the Pacific Time Zone and California!
California doesn't have a welcome center, just a place to inspect your fruit and veggies. There is a joke in there somewhere.

Eastern California is pretty barren.

We pulled off to chillax for a bit and tighten down webbing that had started to flap noisily on the bike rack.

From there it was off to Joshua Tree National Park, where we would spend the next few days in the high desert doing some camping and hiking.
Setting up the tent.

Holly decorated our tent in preparation for the evening festivities.

We were pretty zonked, so we ended up celebrating the east coast’s new years at 9pm PST and then promptly went to sleep. The temperatures dropped into freezing during the night so there wasn’t much incentive to get out of our toasty sleeping bags at midnight.

Mileage: ~2250 miles driven.

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