Day 1: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi

Holly is just so happy, she loves packing so much.

It wouldn’t be a true David Dennis trip without starting two to three hours later than I intended, and I didn’t disappoint on this trip. We rolled out of my parent’s drive way at around 10:45ish EST and hit the road after a quick stop at the local Dunkin’ Donuts.
On the road, y'all.

We cruised into Georgia after only about 45 minutes of driving and stopped shortly before we got to Atlanta for an improvised lunch of turkey and provolone sammiches at Walmart. Grand total: $3.42.
Georgia. Land of peaches and some embarrassingly bad driving in the Augusta area.

HOTlanta which was actually dusted in snow.

We cruised along after Atlanta and were at the Georgia/Alabama border in no time. Not much to say, this part of the country isn’t much of a looker. We listened to a few episodes of This American Life from NPR and then popped in our first audiobook, A Walk In The Woods, about author Bill Bryson’s experience hiking the Appalachian Trail. It seemed fitting for this part of the country.
Apparently Alabama Welcomes Us. Thanks, Alabama, that's so kind of you.

I'm not sure if Holly was waving or trying to get the sun out of her eyes.

Alabama's welcome center. It was truly memorable. We spent almost a full ten minutes there.

See! I told you we were listening to Bill Bryson.

We blasted into Mississippi at around 8 o’clock CST and stopped for a short break at a local establishment called “Chick-Fil-A”. It was pretty delicious, I think they have something on their hands there. Maybe they can start a franchise? We hopped back on the road and decided to press on to Vicksburg, MS as our stopping point based off the advice of Eddie Downey. It was a wise decision as we were making great time and wide awake. Might as well cram in as much driving before the vast flatness of west Texas and New Mexico saps our will to drive. We stopped at a hotel and are planning on visiting the National Military Park in Vicksburg before heading onwards to Dallas. Lone Star State here we come!
Me in M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.

I guess Holly was more excited than I was.

Mileage: 581 miles driven, ~2100 to go.
States we are so over with: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, most of Mississippi.
Most awkward gas station moment: Knoxville, AL’s impromptu hunting convention at 8pm on a Monday evening. We were the only people not in hunting camo =(

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