Al Jazeera: The death sentence for 11 Iraqis involved with the August explosions

The aftermath of the destructive explosion that targeted the Ministry of Finance's building.

Legal sources in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, said that today an Iraqi criminal court sentenced 11 Iraqis to death by hanging in the wake of the severe attacks that occurred last August in the country.

A spokesperson for the Iraqi supreme court, ‘Abd al-Sittar al-Birqdar, said that, “The accused were sentenced to death for the crime of planning and carrying out the violent bombings.”

The Iraqi Minister of the Interior, Jawwad Bulani, already emphasized last December in front of parliament that the accused would be executed.

Last August 19th, Iraq witnessed a series of explosions that took the lives of 106 people and left behind more than a thousand wounded.

The explosives, which had been rigged as multiple truck bombs, targeted the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the al-Salihiyah area and the Ministry of Finance in the al-Waziriyah neighborhood.

Security difficulties.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, made assurances two days after the bombing that they would arrest those who undertook them, and quickly mentioned the discovery of “security violations.”

al-Maliki blamed those in the al-Qa’ida organization and the followers of the former Iraqi President, Saddam Husayn, and the banned Ba’ath party with carrying out these attacks.

However, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hushyar Zibari, spoke of cooperation between the Iraqi Security (Forces) and the bombing’s perpetrators.

It should be noted that the August 2009 bombings raised the question in the Iraqi street around how penetrated the security apparatus is (by bad elements). Meanwhile (the bombings) led to the breakout of a crisis between Baghdad and Damascus, whom al-Maliki had accused of letting the attack’s perpetrators slip through their borders.

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