BBC: Sarah Palin joins the Fox News family

Sarah Palin, the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican party in the last presidential elections, signed a contract with a news network, according to her lawyer.

Palin had already resigned from her duties as Governor for the state of Alaska last July.

Fox News said that even though Palin will not have her own program, she will appear on the network regularly as a part of the legal agreement in force for a number of years.

Palin has already expressed her joy with the new contract and said in a report published about her on (Fox’s) website, “It’s glorious that I will be a part of this place that has so much fair and balanced news.”

Fox News said that it was very happy to add Palin’s lively voice to the workers there.

Journalists are saying that giving Palin a work contract with Fox News will strengthen the amount of viewership amongst conservatives.

Palin isn’t the first of Republican party leaders to work at Fox News, as she is preceded by Karl Rove, advisor to the former President George Bush, Newt Gingrich, previous (Majority Leader) of the House of Representatives, as well as Mike Huckabee, who was a competitor in the Republican party presidential primaries with John McCain.